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What Is iBBN?

As the name suggests, INTERNATIONAL BOHRA BUSINESS NETWORKING (iBBN), is an exclusive business platform for the Mumineen, by the Mumineen, and of the Mumineen from the Dawoodi Bohra Community. It's a membership programme that will take your current business to a whole new level through a structured, positive and result-oriented 'referrals' approach. Quality referrals are the essence of business where the reach and conversion ratio are to our advantage.

Our philosophy

We are an entity that stems out from a common faith, spiritual teachings and deep-rooted culture. We are considered as a community of traders who are respected and trusted world over, for honest and fair practice. These doctrines and global expectations... We promise to retain, maintain, practice, spread, collaborate, cooperate and uplift, FOREVER!

Core Values:
  • Relationship building at every level
  • Continuous Training, Learning and Educating
  • Innovation, collaboration and cooperation without compromise to tradition
  • Positive and ever-willing attitude
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Why iBBN?

We are a group of like-minded professionals who help and seek help from the business expertise and network of fellow members. What you get is a pure collaboration within the members of each chapter and grow your own contacts manifold! What’s more is that each chapter is allowed a single member from that trade, service or profession. Be it hardware, software, luxury goods, essentials, pharma, small parts & spares, furniture, furnishing, education, books or even clothing & accessories! Hence there is absolutely no internal competition or overlap and each businessman will be exclusive to each chapter they represent. Read more

The iBBN network

This venture is intended to bring Bohra businessmen and businesswomen from all parts of the world under its network. Right now we are in the nascent phase of our business, which means that the initial members stand to gain a lot more in the long run. A true business opportunity for enterprising businessmen!

This is the most professional networking platform for mumineen till date The network is already fast-growing and will be a force to reckon with for all mumineen in the days to come. As the number of members rise, the business generated for each chapter will multiply exponentially… thus adding to the business generated and profits of its members. Read more

The network is already fast-growing and will be a force to reckon with for all mumineen in the days to come. As the number of members rise, the business generated for each chapter will multiply exponentially… thus adding to the business generated and profits of its members.










As on 19-May-2024

How do Members benefit?

Not only do you get a chance to meet fellow businesspeople, but you also get to make meaningful and effective connections through hard-core referrals. The business relationships and joint success stories are a given. But that is not all!
• At least 52 network meetings per year. A weekly opportunity to tap new potential.
• Learn the art of presentation skills and public speaking to aptly position your business entity, product, or service.
• Member seminars and workshops.

• Outbound, inbound and online training sessions for education on various topics beyond business.
• Inter & intra business learning opportunities! This enables you to learn good practices from other industries which you may replicate in your own line of business.
• Tradeshow, conference and exhibition participation as a bigger, global entity.
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How do I become an iBBN member?

It’s simple!
If you are willing to give some of your time, effort and whole-hearted commitment, this platform will give you huge rewards. Giving is receiving… if your intentions are pure.
• First, you select the Chapter that you want to be a part of.
• A form must be filled in and submitted.
• You are then invited to attend a meeting as a Guest of the selected Chapter to understand its concept, workings and also be a part of an actual meeting!



After only being associated for a little over 6 months, I have realized and benefited from the importance of networking. I am still discovering new aspects of my business and evolving as I meet fellow members every week! Learning from the experiences of other achievers.
Huzefa Ghadiali - Owner
Pioneer Audio Visual Equipment  - Manufacturers of Projection Screens
My contact sphere has dramatically increased for gaining more business opportunities! Its scope is hugely multi-dimensional and is yet to be leveraged to its full potential!
Hasnain Mamuwala - Director
T Alimahomed & Co  - Flavours & Colors
This experience has made me socially and economically more active and adaptive. Has broadened my business horizon and has taught me how I should continue to grow my business, together with the community.
Dr. Sakina Dohadwala
IBBN has surely helped me gain my self-confidence and has enabled me to present my business in a better and more engaging way. Automatically, my confidence passes on to my clients, thus resulting in an all-round business growth.
Yusuf Bhavnagarwala - Partner
Unique Enterprise  - Manufacturer of Railings
Networking on IBBN has made me more confident in explaining my business to other business leaders and has boosted my self-motivation levels. Since joining IBBN, my contacts with entrepreneurs have grown and I've also got quality business leads through referrals generated by members.
Huzefa Hariyanawala - Owner
Softcomp Presentation Systems  - Audio Video Equipment rentals & Exhibition setup

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